We manufacture the highest quality and consistency genuine leather strap. Our leather strap is cowhide leather and has a distinctive look that will age nicely over time.

Available in 75 colors


The edges polished, molded and tinted in black. On request we finish the edges to the tone of the surface or desired color. Consult Ref. On Order.

With stitching on the sides or in the center. Consult Ref. TCPC.

With Rivets. Consult Ref. TCPR.

With Engraving. Consult Ref. TCPG.

With print. Consult Ref. TCG.


Measurements and Format –

3×2mm. in coils of 20 meters.

5×2mm. in coils of 25 meters.

6×2mm. in coils of 20 meters.

7×2mm. in coils of 25 meters.

8×2mm. in coils of 25 meters.

10×2mm. in coils of 10 or 20 meters.

Strips between 80 and 90 cm long cut to 13×2 mm. , 15×2 mm., 20×2 mm., 25×2 mm., 30×2 mm., 35×2 mm., 40×2 mm., etc. Minimum order 10 strips per color and width.


Attention – The colors shown in this color chart may vary based on the resolution of your screen or device where it is displayed.