At first, CURTIDOS PINÓS only worked with shoe cobblers all based in Barcelona city. Then leather craftsmen joined, interested in the tools and accessories which CURTIDOS PINÓS sold at the time. Nowadays the company mainly works in jewellery and ornaments. We supply and produce a wide range of goods concerning bracelets and pendants; made of cords, straps and braided leather cords among many others.

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Leather cord and strip is a timeless element that has been prized throughout history for its natural beauty and versatility in creating a wide range of crafts and accessories. From jewelry to home decor, leather cord has left a distinctive mark on the design world, adding a touch of style and durability to every creation.

Its charm lies in its strength and flexibility, making it the ideal material for a variety of creative projects. Its durability allows it to be used in the making of quality jewelry, such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings, offering an organic feel and a classic appearance that never goes out of style.

In addition to jewelry, it is an essential component in the world of leather goods and accessory making. From bags and wallets to key chains and key holders, this material adds a touch of class and elegance to each piece, enhancing its appearance and ensuring a durable construction.