Cordón de Piel para joyeria Cordón para joyeria y bisutería 1 mm. Round Leather lace Cordón de cuero de 2 mm. 3 mm. Round Leather Lace for Jewelry 3 mm. Round Leather for jewels Deer Leather Lace for jewelry Pulsera de cuero Wide variety of Leather Laces extensive assortment of leather strip All leather for leather bracelets design Sweet colors on leather cord For sport leather bracelets We manufacture luxury leather cord

At first, CURTIDOS PINÓS only worked with shoe cobblers all based in Barcelona city. Then leather craftsmen joined, interested in the tools and accessories which CURTIDOS PINÓS sold at the time. Nowadays the company mainly works in jewellery and ornaments. We supply and produce a wide range of goods concerning bracelets and pendants; made of cords, straps and braided leather cords among many others.

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