Brazaletes de tira Ref. TCP 3

Bracelet designed with several strips of the same TCP 3 reference combining a gradient of the same shade.


Join the multicolored tribe and create casual, unisex bracelets for summer.TCP PRINT

Muñequera de cuero

Classic perforated Indian style bracelet. Dare to create your own collection. Laser Products.

Pulsera unisex de cuero.

Leather Print Strip with rainbow colored stripes. For Italians it is a symbol of Peace. And now the children use it as a flag of hope. In Indian cultures they symbolize change and the beginning of a new favorable stage.

Deer Leather Strip

Choker created with 3×1.5 mm deer leather strap, very resistant and flexible. Complement that inspires a TRIBIAL AIR.

Leather bracelet

Various PRINT Bracelets 16×0.6 cm Wearing multiple Bracelets together on one wrist helps to achieve the BOHO STYLE IMAGE.

Leather Turk's head knot

CCC 2 leather cord pendant created with flat Turk’s head knot. Ideal complement to give a NATURAL LOOK to the summer.

Chinese snake knot choker.

SNAKE KNOTS created with CCC 2,5 leather cord. It is ideal to make the choker thicker than usual. The snake is one of the twelve animals in the Chinese horoscope and is considered the BRINGER OF GOOD LUCK.

Leather Jewelry

Precious bracelet of 52×1 cm. to screw on the wrist with THREE TURNS.


Flat leather bracelet ref. TCP 6 R, edged in silver and in three colors to give the FINISHING TOUCH.

Bijoux en Cuir.

UNISEX bracelet, simple and BASIC FOR JEANS FASHION. Created with a 22×1 cm PRINT flat strip base.

Bijoux en cuir

Wish bracelets #BESTFRIENDSFOREVER line, basic for an informal summer and TOPE with friends. Strips laser cut 16×0.6 cm.

Nudo Celta

Leather Cord Ring Ref. CCC 2,5 braided in the shape of a Celtic Knot.

Round Leather Lace

Create Jewels with noble materials such as stones or leather, they are good allies.

Leather Bracelet

Create Collections of MODERN and VANGUARDIST bracelets and bangles. Ref. TCG Rombos.

Braided Leather Cord

Make a 6-strand Herringbone Braid, it’s easy and fast. Ref. CCC.


DAISIES as inspiration, a definitive PRINT that works perfectly with the WHITE-BLACK pairing.

Llavero de Cuero - Ideas.

TURKISH HEAD KNOT Keychain in Leather Ref. CCC 2.5 to create a MALE SPORT line.

Pulsera para el verano.

Bracelets are divided by size, or they are very thin XS or very wide XL.

Pulsera paso a paso.

Handmade dark brown leather cord bracelet Ref. CCC 3.

Gargantillas de Cuentas.

Leather Cord Necklace with semi-precious stone BEADS.

Sujeta mascarillas

Face Mask Holder Leather Cord. To always have it at hand. Ref. CCC 2 or TCP 3.

Base para bolso

Leather Base and Leather Accessories for making crochet bags.

Adorno Chal Ganchillo

Crochet Shawl Clip Ornament.

Leather Bracelet

Great Variety of Fantasies in Leathers Laces for Bracelets.

Leder Armband

Great Variety of Fantasies in Leathers Laces for Bracelets.

Brazalete de Cuero

Great Variety of Fantasies in Leathers Laces for Bracelets.


Great Variety of Fantasies in Leathers Laces for Bracelets.

Leather Jewelry

Example of a hand-knotted choker.

Leather bracelet.

Flat Leather Strap with original personalized engraving. CREATE CUSTOM JEWELRY.


Classic tubular braid choker, for iconic jewelry that does not go out of style.

Handmade Jewels

Hand-knotted leather cord choker. HANDMADE JEWELRY.

Pendientes de cuero

Leather earrings. Take a look in our laser section and get inspired to create a personalized piece of cowhide. Minimum order is only 25 units / color.

Pulsera pintada a mano

Hand-painted bracelet taking as a reference the base drawing engraved on request with the laser.

Muñequera trenzada a mano.

Braided wristband by hand, it is an option, just send the pattern with the exact measurements of the holes in the base of the bracelet

Pulseras con cierre gemelo de tornillo.

Design stylish and modern leather bracelets with a simple screw cufflink clasp.