The beginnings of CURTIDOS PINÓS are unknown, although it seems that the founding date has been dated to the beginning of the 19th century. In 1991, he took command of the company M. Carmen Vidal, from a family with a tanning tradition of more than five generations.

In 1995, due to market demands and in order to better serve our national and foreign wholesale customers, the company JORGENS VIDAL, SL was founded, of which Marc Ingo Jörgens, a German national and currently manager of a city with ancient tanning roots.

In the beginning, CURTIDOS PINÓS served exclusively to shoe patches in the city of Barcelona. Then came the skin artisans who were interested in the tools and accessories of the patches. Currently we work for the jewelery and costume jewelery industry. We are manufacturers of a wide assortment of leather cord, straps, braids and leather accessories and many more items for pendants and bracelets.

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